Winter food pairings with white wine

Winter food pairings traditionally lean towards matching red wines leaving those who favour white wine wanting. Reds are seen to have the weight to partner with winter warmer dishes not to mention that white wines are served at cooler temperatures. However, there is a smorgasbord of winter dishes that are ideal for winter dishes.

The secret is the white wine balance of body, fruit and acid, where a full body helps stand up to richer foods, the acidity cuts the richness and fruit character used to complement the dish’s character.

The Elements Emerald is a Sauvignon Blanc made from a blend of Elgin and Franschhoek grapes, the wine has the cool Elgin terroir body and fine green flavour that blends with the warmer Franschhoek ripe character, lifted with crisp acidity. This will pair surprisingly well with a grilled ribeye steak topped with a fresh chimichurri sauce, where the Emerald’s acidity will cut through the fatty meat, match the acidity of the sauce and the green character will complement the fresh green sauce. 

Paserene’s The Shiner 2018 is a delicious blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon Gris (17%), fermented and matured in aged oak for just under two years with a touch of new oak. The result is a full-bodied wine that is bold with floral chamomile and lilac and fruit-forward with zingy grapefruit and yellow plums. A luxurious mac and cheese made with aged cheddar and Swiss Gruyere is a soul-comforting partner for the Shiner. The wine’s acidity will cut through the creamy béchamel sauce, while the complex character of the wine complements the layered cheese sauce.

The Paserene Chardonnay is a luxury wine made from cool-climate Elgin Chardonnay where the fruit takes a few more weeks to achieve perfect ripeness increasing the depth of character. The pressed juices are wild fermented in oak barrels (30% new) and complete malolactic fermentation gently over twelve months. The barrels are rolled to stir the lees encouraging body in the wine and after 16 months in barrel, the wine is bottled and stored for a further 12 months to mature. The resulting wine is bright green to gold with a forward nose of citrus, whiffs of lemon sponge, honeysuckle and oatmeal, followed by chalk and a saline ocean spray. The nose follows through to the palate carried by a rich yet still delicate body. The Chardonnay calls for a dish with finesse like a fragrant Kerela prawn curry, where the gentle spice contrasts and accentuates the elegant fruit character. The coconut milk compliments the sophisticated wooding and richness of the sur lie. Serve this with a flaky flatbread to really complete the pairing.

This winter, broaden your repertoire of winter food and wine pairings with Paserene’s quality selection of luxury white wines that have a sense of place.


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