The Elements artwork

The final step in creating a bottle of wine is deciding what to adorn the bottle with, something that captures the heart of the wine and catches the eye of the wine drinker. Martin Smith, Paserene’s winemaker, engaged the help of artists Lorraine Loots and Carmen Ziervogel in creating the Elements range of labels.

The Elements collection of wines captures the fun-loving side of Martin and Paserene through five wines. The label art is of a child’s swing, suggesting a happy and innocent space, and on the right corner, a swift is perched. The swift signifies Martin and his journey having migrated north to Europe and America for a time and then returning home to South Africa. Swifts are further significant as they are migratory birds that belong to an order of birds Passeriformes where the name Paserene is derived.

The Elements artwork is retained for each of the wines with the elegant background colour changing to reflect the unique character of the wine in the bottle. The Bright, a Chardonnay, has a golden background showcasing the rich character of this vintage, opening with refreshing citrus notes, followed by a slight mineral note. The deep green of the Emerald, a Sauvignon Blanc, showcases the dazzling colour of the wine and the natural freshness of the grapes, with juicy cantaloupe and a luxurious mouth feel. The Rosie, a rosé, has a vibrant, pink-hued background that highlights the exuberant character of the wine and the bright flavour of fresh red cherries, strawberries and cream. The Dark, a Syrah, reflects the deep richness of the wine and the grapes, there are notes of lavender and thyme, mingled with deep blueberry and plum favours Finally, the inky blue colour of the Midnight wine enhances the dark hue of the Cabernet Sauvignon liquid inside the bottle. The wine has strong mineral undertones, with expressive aromas of cassis, liquorice and blackberries.

At the heart of Paserene is the philosophy of unification, this careful curation of the label artwork is a beautiful reminder of this.

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