Elements Rosie 2019

Rosie has a light-pink onion skin colour. The nose brings deep flavours of fresh red cherries, strawberries and cream, and Turkish Delight. Rose and cinnamon notes with a touch of cotton candy also shine through. The mouthfeel is dense with a velvety finish and a good acidity providing a very moreish character.


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How the wine is made

At our winery, we do not use generic barrels because we want to produce extraordinary results. Our new barrels are seasoned, dry, and are without toasting for up to five years, before being steamed. They are then used for 16 months to make the wine. There is an inherent patience in the making of our wine.

Martin is a precision winemaker, rarely adding anything to his wines, and he chooses not to filter them. He prides himself on spending the time and effort on exactly what  goes into the bottle, to ensure that what comes out is as authentic as possible. When you drink our hand-crafted wine, you are creating a moment in time that  will never be forgotten.


Where the grapes are from

The grapes for our Elements Range are sourced from three different vineyards, all of which have different soils and climates. Rosie is made from grapes sourced from our wine farm in Tulbagh.

Soils and climates

Elgin is the coolest area with bokkeveld shale. It has a cooler climate which is best for aromatic grapes, allowing their flavour to become more expressive and rich. 

Franschhoek is more moderate in climate and has sandy soil. It is ideal for heavy, robust red wines and the shadows of the mountains help to moderate the climate for more complex aromas in the wine. 

Tulbagh in the Breede River Valley has a hot climate that has cool evenings, with decomposed shale soil. The climate leads to grapes that have developed rich flavour over time and that have retained their acidity.



Residual Sugar

Alcohol Vol.

Total Acid


What you can expect when tasting

On the nose, the aromatics of our Rosie include fresh cherries with lashings of strawberries and cream. There is an undernote of rosewater and cinnamon, which provides a roundedness to an otherwise sweet wine. 

Turning to the palate, there is a sugary, candyfloss note that brings you back for more. The dark cherry flavours counter this, and there is juicy, sour lime to offset the berry sweetness. It offers a more textured, mature palate due to the wine being fermented and aged in old oak barrels. 

When you pour a glass of our delectable Rosie, we want you to feel the warm, welcoming atmosphere of a wine farm in Tulbagh, no matter where you actually are in the world.

Strawberry, Cranberry, Raspberry


Rose Water


The art on the label

For our Elements range, we wanted to highlight the playfulness of the wines and of our winery in Franschhoek, and appeal to an audience who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. 

The swings represent our more fun-loving side, and the swift (included in almost every label) represents our winemaker, Martin Smith. The elegant background colours highlight the wine inside the bottle and the grapes used in its production. 

Rosie has a vibrant, pink-hued background that highlights the exuberant character of the wine and the bright flavour of the grapes.

The stunning artwork is by Lorraine Loots and Carmen Ziervogel.


Food and wine combinations

Any rosé is perfectly paired with a hearty roast chicken with plenty of aromatic herbs and a fresh squeeze of lemon. You can also enjoy a charcuterie board loaded with salty, fatty meats for a delightful wine tasting accompaniment. 

Our Rosie works well with soft cheese, like a Brie or Camembert, as this cuts through its inherent sweet nature. A homemade butter chicken curry paired with our Rosie will make for a memorable night. Fresh salmon is an ideal pairing, as is a light melon and parma ham dish or a bowl of herby, marinated olives.






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