The fourth Thursday of July each year is Shiraz Wine Day. This campaign was initiated in Australia in 2020 as a way of creating awareness of the distinction between New and Old-World styles, linking to how the cultivar’s name often shifts from Syrah (Old-World) to Shiraz (New-World).

Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules on using these names which are often used interchangeably, however, this is a great opportunity to take a quick look at these and how it adds to experiencing Paserene’s Dark and Union wines.

Generally, Old-World wines will be lighter in body, colour, and alcohol, exhibiting earthy notes first on the nose lifted by higher acidity. New-World wines tend to be bolder, with a riper fruit-forward character lifted with higher alcohol.

Discover the Paserene Dark

Discover the Paserene Union

The 2019 Dark is a 100% Syrah with a gentle yet unmistakable nose of pink peppercorn and herby notes, hinting at Old-World elegance. The fragrance of lavender and thyme opens to ripe New-World blueberry and plum which carries through to the palate. The tannins are youthful but integrated, adding structure that carries through to the dark chocolate and warm spice finish. The Union is perfect for pairing with grilled red meats, such as lamb chops with Provençal herbs or a steak with a pink-peppercorn rub.

The 2019 Union is 100% Syrah sourced from the unique Tulbagh region, known for producing rich Syrah grapes. The luxury wine is gently fermented in small open-top concrete tanks allowing for more controlled punchdowns to extract the natural richness. The wine is transferred to second and third fill barrels to ensure retention of the bright fruit integrity for 16 months before bottling. The bottles are then left to age for a further 12 months to enable integration before being released. The Union is expressive with blueberries charcoal, violets and bacon fat, thick with elegance well as excellent definition. The extraordinary balance between primary fruit aromas and deep charry mineral components is an ideal demonstration of New-World fruit with Old-World elegance. For a luxurious winter meal, the Union pairs effortlessly with a range of foods, from well-aged and hard cheeses to a flame-grilled ribeye cooked medium rare, and even will even transition through to a dark chocolate tart for dessert.

These Syrah’s will transport your senses to the South of France or to Paserene’s unique tasting room, the Nest, in the picturesque Franschhoek Valley.