Paserene Union 2019

Predominantly Syrah, this red wine has deep aromas of blueberries, charcoal, violets, and sizzling bacon fat. It is exotic, smoky, and thick with elegance, but still has excellent definition. The deep, charred minerality lends it an inviting warmth.


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How the wine is made

The Syrah used in our Union wine is grown in acrid, scaly soil with a yield of no more than two tons per hectare. This scarcity, and the fact that the soil cannot handle a heavy crop load makes for a wine that is inky and dark, with a concentrated flavour. 

The Carignan and Mourvèdre grow south of the Syrah on a loamy soil, producing a softer, more fragrant wine.They are fermented together to bring out the strength of each wine.

We ferment the grapes in concrete open-top tanks for a month, then transfer the wine to third- and fourth-fill barrels to maintain the inherent bright, fruity integrity. The wines will spend 16 months in the barrel, after which we bottle them and store them for a year in the bottle.

When you drink our hand-crafted wine, you are creating a moment in time that translates into so much more than just a bottle of wine.


Where the grapes are from

Our Paserene Wine Range is made from grapes sourced from wine farms in Tulbagh, Elgin, and Franschhoek. We focus on quality attention-to-detail when it comes to our luxury Paserene Range, hence the choice of terroir for the range. 

Our rich Union wine is sourced entirely from Tulbagh, which is known for producing rich Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes.

Soils and climates

Elgin is the coolest area with bokkeveld shale. It has a cooler climate which is best for full-bodied red wine, allowing the grapes to retain their bright acidity and full flavour.

Franschhoek is more moderate in climate and has sandy soil. It is ideal for growing deep, flavourful red grapes like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, and the shadows of the mountains help to maintain the climate. 

Tulbagh in the Breede River Valley has a hot climate that has cool evenings, with decomposed shale soil. The climate lends itself to wine that has richly developed flavours and long-lasting finishes.




Total Acid
5.5 g/l


What you can expect when tasting

On the nose, our Union opens with complex aromas of blueberries, violets, smoke, and some mouthwatering bacon fat. It is floral, smoky, and elegant with an excellent definition of aromas. 

The palate introduces juicy notes of blackberries, black plum, tangy raspberry, and red fruits. There is a hint of succulent mulberry followed by slightly bitter iodine and sweet cola notes. Charcoal and bacon flavours bring a rounded savoury note to this rich wine, making it able to stand up to strong flavours for pairings.

This luxury red wine showcases the hardy character of the Tulbagh terroir, and the first aromatic sip will transport you to this tranquil town.

Blueberry, Black Fruit

Smoke, Charcoal, Tar

Oak, Cedar, Tobacco


The art on the label

The artwork of our Paserene Range reflects the elegance of the wine inside the bottle and tells the story of the particular bottle. 

The swift you will find on almost every label was drawn by miniaturist Lorraine Loots, and is a representation of Martin’s adventures abroad, the spreading of his wings, before returning home to create Paserene.

All labels were hand pressed using an old Heidelberg press.

The label on the Union is set in Tulbagh and highlights Paserene’s message of unification in all we do. The girl on the label represents Mother Nature, and the swift is our winemaker, Martin. The bespoke artwork tells the story of how they finally found a place to be together, and the tree in the background signifies the stability and calmness that anchors them.


Food and wine combinations

When you pour a glass of our magnificent Union red wine, consider pairing it with a rich cut of red meat cooked to a perfect medium-rare or wild game meat grilled on a flame for that intense smoked-wood flavour. 

Well-aged or hard cheeses (like Stilton or Gouda) are the perfect partners for a wine and cheese pairing and, matched with a spoonful or two of mulberry preserve, these cheeses will bring out the juicy berry notes inherent in this decadent red. 

For dessert, opt for a dark chocolate tart with a rich, buttery crust to bring out the sweetness of the wine.





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