Paserene is expanding in Tulbagh, a unique region that offers the building blocks for exceptional wines.

Tulbagh is a magical landscape found in the left corner of the Breede River Valley, surrounded by soaring mountains on three sides leaving the south open for cooling winds to temper the heat of the days. The evenings bring katabatic winds as cool air tumbles down the mountainsides refreshing the vineyards. These conditions encourage the vines to capture a fine balance of concentration and finesse.

The region has a complex combination of soils from decomposed shales from the mountain slopes which has moderate fertility, with fertile loam and low nutrient sand in the flat basin. These moderate to low nutrient soils force the vines to work hard to survive which results in additional concentration.

Martin Smith, Paserene’s winemaker, has identified the location of a new vineyard in this quality region and is ready to plant Cabernet Sauvignon this spring.

Paserene has a selection of wines that showcase the unique quality of the region. The Rosie is a blend of Carignan, Mourvèdre and Syrah, making an elegant rosé with cherries, strawberries and cream. The Rosie was fermented in aged old oak barrels which brings texture and elegance to the wine.

There are two Cabernet Sauvignon’s, starting with the Elements Midnight which has strong mineral undertones, with expressive aromas of cassis, liquorice and blackberries. There are supple tannins on the palate to provide a rounded flavour and a deliciously dry mouth feel. The Paserene Marathon is a luxury wine with a deep black to red colour which is a true testimony of the quality and condition of the hand-sorted berries. It is Intensely perfumed with black currants, lilac, and creme de cassis with black peppercorns. On the palate the sheer size of the wine is evident. The tannin, fruit and alcohol are in perfect harmony.

Finally, there is the Paserene Union, 2019 is 100% Syrah, dark and inky with ample complex aromas of blueberries, charcoal, violets and bacon fat. There is an extraordinary balance between primary fruit aromas and deep charry mineral components that gives the wine an inviting natural warmth. The big supple tannins with a reigned-in acidity will make this wine a pleasure to drink for the next 20 -30 years.

Martin is passionate about capturing the best that Tulbagh has to offer, and these wines are a testament to this unique terroir.