4 Ways to Enjoy Syrah

The Syrah grape variety has been crafted into some of the world’s biggest, darkest full bodied red wines. Syrah can be big and bold, yet elegant, or it can get right up in your face and knock you off your feet.

Syrah pairs well with almost any bold foods as it easily carries the weight of the food without disappearing on the pallet.

There is a Syrah pairing out there for everyone and every occasion.

Here are four ways to enjoy a glass of Syrah:

  • Sunday family lunch with slow cooked Moroccan Ras El Hanout lamb, dates, apricots, orange zest and roasted almonds.

  • Friday night hot date with roasted duck, a spicy rub, roasted butternut, beetroot, pecan nuts and cinnamon.

  • Meatless Monday with vegetarian Chana Masala chickpea curry, spinach and chapati.

  • Quick weekday dinner with gourmet Ostrich burger, onion marmalade and rustic roasted potatoes.

Discover our Elements Dark Syrah and Paserene Union, a great match for these spicy winter warmers. 

Slow cooked lamb Ras El Hanout
Source: silkroadrecipes.com

Chana Masala
Source: veganhuggs.com

Spicy duck roast
Source: gressinghamduck.co.uk

Gourmet Ostrich Burger
Source: sbs.com.au

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