A well balanced Emerald

The Paserene Elements range captures the fun side of Paserene while retaining a level of luxury, making it the perfect go-to range of wines. These wines are made from all the distinct regions where Paserene grows quality grapes. The Emerald is a true jewel of a wine, made from an equal blend of Sauvignon Blanc from Elgin and Franschhoek.

Sauvignon Blanc, when grown in cool regions will demonstrate green aromas of cut grass, green fruits and even asparagus, with noticeable acidity. When grown in warm regions the wines capture riper fruits that are more tropical and that has slightly lower acidity. The Emerald brings the refined cool-climate Elgin and the riper warm-climate Franschhoek into one balanced bottle of wine.

Elgin is 70km southeast of Cape Town surrounded by mountains that creates a cool climate making the vines work hard to catch the valuable sun’s rays and gently reach full ripeness that expresses greener flavours. Franschhoek is 75km east of Cape Town, in a sheltered river valley creating a warm continental climate that encourages riper flavours. Winemaker, Martin Smith, ensures the vines in these regions are cared for to capture the expression of the terroir. Martin vinifies the wine maintaining the character and finally blends the wines where the result is more than the sum of its parts.

On the nose, you will find a pleasing fruit-forward combination of green figs and green apples that gets your mouth watering. As you allow the nose you notice the finer hints of nettle, leaves of blackberry, fresh green pepper and a zing of ground white pepper.  As the wine hits your palate you are rewarded with an explosion of fruits. There is unmistakable ripe spanspek with mango, passionfruit and pineapple, with a balanced mouthfeel. The acid structure lifts this wine and carries it to a lingering finish.

The Emerald perfectly partners with fresh summer evening dinners, such as a fresh Caprese salad with basil and tomatoes resonating with the green notes of the wine. Another ideal pairing is a Prosciutto and spanspek salad accentuating the tropical fruit character of the wine with the acid structure cutting through the rich cured meat.

When you pour a glass of the Emerald, you will truly feel as though you are in Elgin, as the essence of this terroir is distilled throughout the wine in union with the richness imbued by Franschhoek.

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