Paserene is expanding in Tulbagh

Tulbagh is a magical landscape found in the left corner of the Breede River Valley, surrounded by soaring mountains on three sides leaving the south open for cooling winds to temper the heat of the days.

Post-harvest vineyard care and pruning – Part 2

During the dormant phase of grapevines, pruning is an essential practice that establishes the starting point for the next growing season. The objective is to control the shape of the vine for air circulation and sun exposure to best ensure the quantity of fruit.

The magic ingredients of terroir

As you get to know the language of the wine world you very quickly come across the word terroir. Most people quickly realise two points, one, this is significant in winemaking and two, it is a complex combination of facets.

Discover Elgin, the coolest wine region!

Located about 70km southeast of Cape Town, sounded by mountains in the Overberg region, Elgin has the town of Grabouw at its centre with lush farmlands surrounding it.