Discover Elgin, the coolest wine region!

Located about 70km southeast of Cape Town, sounded by mountains in the Overberg region, Elgin has the town of Grabouw at its centre with lush farmlands surrounding it.

Discover Tulbagh, the Cabernet Sauvignon jewel!

At Paserene, three wine regions were selected to create the Elements and Paserene ranges, Tulbagh, Elgin and Franschhoek. So, what makes Tulbagh special enough to be included in this curated selection?

It is all about balance …

Well balances wines start in the vineyard. Grape vine growing is all about balance, the vine needs enough canopy and growth to help ripen grapes.

Having a budding time!

Spring has arrived and with warmer weather vines awake and start their new life cycle. Dormant vines start to circulate sap and carry important nutrients through the sleepy vine to help buds break through after a long slumber.

The Terroir Connection

A vineyard’s terroir is a combination of environmental factors which influence the vine and the grapes grown on the vine which in turn affects the taste of wine.

Getting Ready for Winter Rest

It is time for us to prune the vines for them to go into a rest phase and build up reserves to ensure they are ready to bud during spring and produce quality fruit for the next harvest.