The 24th of September is Heritage Day in South Africa celebrating South Africa’s culture and diversity. Originally celebrated through KwaZulu Natal as Shaka Day, SA’s 1996 government passed the Public Holidays Bill included the day as Heritage Day.

Paserene’s founder and winemaker, Martin Smith, has a long heritage of being in the wine industry and bringing Paserene to fruition. Born into a multigeneration winemaking family born in Ashton, the family moved to Worcester where his father started a bottling plant. Martin’s childhood was spent riding horses and biking while sitting around the kitchen table in the evenings listening to stories of winemaking. In his early teens, Martin knew he was going to make wine! After completing his studies at the Elsenburg Agricultural College this vision spurred his travels to Europe and America where his love for winemaking grew and his skill deepened. It was during this time of globe-trotting that Martin thought of the order of travelling and free birds, Passeriformes, called passerines such as swifts and swallows. This was the perfect metaphor for his global journey and inspiration for the name Paserene. The final piece of the puzzle was a chance meeting with Ndabe Mareda, passionate about SA wines who loved Martin’s philosophy, and so Paserene took flight.

September is a celebration of SA’s rich cultural diversity with the crescendo of Heritage Day on the 24th, keeping in spirit, Paserene’s tasting lounge, the Nest, is serving a Heritage platter during the month. The platter offers a selection of South African tasty bites including snoek pâté, samosas, vetkoek, homemade grape jam and orange chutney, local biltong, droëwors, cheeses and olives with koeksisters for that quintessential sweet ending. The selection offers an opportunity to see the surprising versatility of pairing Paserene’s range of wines.

September also marks the beginning of spring, and as the days get longer and warmer, the pull to visit the historical Franschhoek Valley, home of the Nest, grows stronger. An ideal way to visit Paserene is the Wine Tram with an increased schedule, you will find Paserene on the Red and Yellow lines.

So whether it is a visit to Paserene or a relaxed braai with family and friends this September the 24th, let Paserene’s luxurious range of wines elevate your celebration of our rainbow nation this Heritage Day.