I am not keen on red, what is the alternative for Winter?

Red is just not my thing… If red wine is not your go to drink, its not the end of winter wine options for you.

Most people refer to red wine as being a fireplace wine, in other words it is the most popular style of wine to enjoy during wintertime. Although this might be the case do not put away your wine glass just yet, as we have the perfect winter wine option for you.

ABC (Anything but Chardonnay) is a thing of the past. The days of over extracted, over produced and overwhelming Chardonnays are long gone. Chardonnay is the definition of elegance within the wine industry. In fact, if Chardonnay had to be personified it would be a ballerina extracted from the Swan lake musical refined, sophisticated, powerful and expressive.

Chardonnay forms part of the noble grape varieties and is home to Burgundy, France. Yellow apple, Starfruit, pineapple, and vanilla are a few of the primary fruit flavours found within the wine. Secondary fruit flavours are derived from aging the Chardonnay in oak barrels. The secondary flavours may include flavours like marzipan, freshly baked bread and even butterscotch. Certain chemical compounds form during a second fermentation called Malolactic fermentation, Diacetyl is a by-product of MLF and is a buttery-tasting compound found in barrel matured Chardonnay’s. Barrel matured chardonnay tends to be more complex, full bodied and leans towards a creamier, rich style of wine.

Oaked chardonnay pairs exceptionally well with risotto, pastas, roasted chicken, believe it or not a juicy steak and even a creamy butternut soup. Unoaked chardonnay tends to pair well with turkey, seafood like sushi, oysters and salmon, ratatouille and polenta are great vegetarian options.

Enjoy a rich glass of chardonnay with your favourite cosy meal this winter.

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