Shiner Red N/V

The Shiner NV #3 is a red blend with 48% Cabernet Sauvignon, 48% Petit Verdot and 4% Carmenere. A gentle oak impression and an incredible richness lead to a well-integrated palate and wine that will last for another 20 years.

Wrapped around the bottle are Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of a mystery novel jointly written by Deon Meyer and Martin Smith. The third chapter is written by Deon Meyer, a former South African journalist, crime fiction author and screenwriter. Drink the mystery #Shiner.

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How the wine is made

At our winery, we do not use generic barrels because we want to produce extraordinary results. Our new barrels are seasoned, dry, and are without toasting for up to five years, before being steamed. They are then used for 16 months to make the wine. There is an inherent patience in the making of our wine.

The Shiner is a vintage-specific selection of wines created by Martin Smith from vines grown on our Franschhoek Vineyard. Each vintage is different depending on the harvest.


Where the grapes are from

 The Shiner is a blended red wine with 48% Cabernet Sauvignon, 48% Petit Verdot and 4% Carmenere. 

Soils and climates

Elgin is the coolest area with bokkeveld shale. It has a cooler climate which is best for full-bodied red wine, allowing the grapes to retain their bright acidity and full flavour.

Franschhoek is more moderate in climate and has sandy soil. It is ideal for fruit-focused white wines with a robust flavour, and the shadows of the mountains help to maintain the climate. 

Tulbagh in the Breede River Valley has a hot climate that has cool evenings, with decomposed shale soil. The climate lends itself to wine that has richly developed flavours and long-lasting finishes.



Residual Sugar
3.3 g /l

Alcohol Vol.

Total Acid
5.3 g /l


What you can expect when tasting


Shows a deep black and red core. On the nose there is abundant aromas of black currants, chocolate, espresso roast and charcoal. The Cabernet in the blend brings out incense, balsamic and black pepper corns. A gentle oak impression and a incredible richness leads to a well-integrated palate. Wine
will last for another 20 years.

Drink the mystery #Shiner.


The art on the label

Wine that doesn’t have a label is called a Shiner, and in South Africa, a shiner can also mean a black eye from a fight. This is the concept behind the label of The Shiner – a combination of wine knowledge and a thrilling story written by our winemaker.

Each time we release wine under the Shiner banner, it will be accompanied by a booklet covering the story of the lead characters of the wine. Each different wine will have the successive chapter attached to the bottle. The man on the bottle is the pivotal character of this story.

The third chapter (our Shiner Red) is written by Deon Meyer, a former South African journalist, crime fiction author and screenwriter.


Food and wine combinations

When you pour a glass of our Shiner red wine, consider pairing it with a rich cut of red meat cooked to a perfect medium-rare or wild game meat grilled on a flame for that intense smoked-wood flavour. 

Well-aged or hard cheeses (like Stilton or Gouda) are the perfect partners for a wine and cheese pairing and, matched with a spoonful or two of mulberry preserve, these cheeses will bring out the juicy berry notes inherent in this decadent red. 

For dessert, opt for a dark chocolate tart with a rich, buttery crust to bring out the sweetness of the wine.





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